‘Last Hijack’ Set for Cinemas



Last Hijack, the new release from filmmakers Tommy Pallotta and Femke Wolting (A Scanner Darkly, Waking Life) will open in Irish cinemas on January 8th 2016.  The award-winning film combines documentary storytelling combined with ground-breaking Irish produced animation techniques.

Last Hijack is a true tale of survival in Somalia told from the pirate’s perspective.  The film takes an innovative hybrid approach to explore how one Somali pirate – Mohamed – came to live such a brutal and dangerous existence. Animated re-enactments exploring Mohamed’s memories, dreams and fears from his point of view are juxtaposed with raw footage from his everyday life in an original non-fiction narrative.

Nicky Gogan and Caroline Campbell from Irish production company Still Films produced the animation for the documentary with  Gavin Kelly and the animators at Piranha Bar, using a bespoke technique developed with Tommy Pallotta.



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