‘Full Circle’ To Go into Production Next Year



Noel Brady’s first feature film is set to go into production next year. Full Circle tells the story of documentary maker, Malcolm Walker (Michael Bates) who returns to Ireland after his last production in Gaza went horrible wrong. Following his experiences in Gaza, Malcolm begins to suffer from nightmares and flash-backs, all symptoms of PTSD. Malcolm tries to cope, but the harder he pushes the further he seems to fall into his own private hell and darkness. A darkness that causes him to question to very value of life. Just at it’s darkest the smallest slither of light appears in the shape of Travis Sear (Mark Schrier) an American, a friend, and the opposite side of the same coin. Looking for answers, both men would start out on a journey, a journey to find the values that were lost in Gaza. This journey would take Malcolm back to another dark tunnel, this time the tunnel would be in Newgrange Co.Meath Ireland. Malcolm lost a lot in Gaza, can he find it here in Newgrange?


The film stars Michael Bates, Susan Bracken, Mark Schrier, Joe McKinney,  John Duggan,  Jenny Dixon,  Pádraig Murray, and Gerry Shanahan.


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