Talent Development Campus @ Cork Film Festival


This year’s Cork Film Festival hosts the Talent Development Campus which teaches budding filmmakers all they need to know about the business of the industry.

Over four days the Talent Development programme will see over forty industry experts from Ireland, the UK, Europe and the US share their knowledge in over ten training events.

One of the most popular events is FUND – aimed at producers and directors, this seminar teaches participants about traditional and non-traditional methods of funding a film.

BRANDED CINEMA looks at the rise of branding in filmmaking and cinema. Brands such as Red Bull, Marriott and Starbucks all producing documentaries, shorts and web spots. The keynote speaker is Brian Newman, one of the world’s leading media distribution consultants. He is the founder of Sub-Genre, a consulting company focusing on developing and implementing new business models for film and new media.

Other events will include INCUBATE and INTERACTIVE@CORK. INCUBATE focuses on providing filmmakers with the skills necessary to enable them to get their work out there and find their place in the international film business.  INTERACTIVE@CORK which is part show and part conference, will explore new innovations in the digital world of film discussing the new opportunities it brings to the industry.

RTE broadcaster Claire Byrne will also be on hand as moderator in a public conversation event on The Relevance and Future of Irish content in the Broadcast media.

The Talent Development Campus nurtures filmmakers and allows them to discuss, learn and network with industry professionals and peers.


If you would like more information on the programme see: http://www.corkfilmfest.org/campus-events/


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