Jameson Cult Film Club screening of Ghostbusters


They came. They saw. They kicked some ass.

New York City was brought to Dublin as the Jameson Cult Film Club returned for a double screening of biblical proportions of the 1984 classic Ghostbusters on Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th of November at the Mansion House.

The interactive Jameson Cult Film Club screenings are widely regarded as one of the most hotly anticipated cinematic events of the year and yet again organisers didn’t disappoint. Dublin’s Mansion House was completely transformed into a series of sets from the movie including the Ghostbusters’ NYC headquarters and Dana’s Central Park apartment.

Iconic scenes from the movie, such as Dana’s capture by the Terror Dogs, were acted out throughout the screening by lookalike actors. In other scenes, the Ghostbusters ran through the audience in a bid to escape being slimed. The crowd got a real surprise when the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man exploded on screen, with “melted marshmallow” pouring from the ceiling.

These free events are more than just your typical screening, as characters from the movie, live theatre and special effects timed perfectly with on-screen action help to create an electric atmosphere throughout the screening.

Following the screening, the party continued in true Jameson style with DJ Aidan Kelly on decks. Guests enjoying the gourmet burgers and Jameson Ginger and Limes at the venue included actors Adam Weafer and Carl Shabaan, film director Kevin de la Isla O’Neill and RTE’s Stephen Byrne.

For the uninitiated, Jameson Cult Film Club is all about watching your favourite cult films at spectacular screenings, staged to transport you into the film’s universe. This is a free event for movie fans, check out www.jamesoncultfilmclub.ie for details of upcoming screenings and register your details for the chance to win free tickets.





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