‘Pushtar’ Premieres @ IndieCork


Alan Lambert’s new sci-fi feature Pushtar will premiere at IndieCork, in the Gate Cinema, Cork, on October 11th at 16:30.

The environmentally informed non-narrative sci-fi is set in the 2365.

Climate change has ravaged the Earth’s surface. As sea levels rise, cities are abandoned and people move higher into the mountain plateaus.

One such destination is Pushtar, a place which lies on the edge of the Himalayas, along the ancient migration routes that served civilizations thousands of years ago.

Here they live without technology. Their world is very different as the rising levels of carbon dioxide and dust turn the sky pink. With the depletion of oxygen levels speaking is limited and communication is achieved by body language.

The monitoring of the environment is entrusted to children that show a heightened sense of awareness in a particular field – a child that can feel changes in air pressure with an encroaching thunderstorm, or a shift in a distant mountain range. The warnings they provide are crucial to survival.

To the elders that watch them, civilisation as we know it is merely a distant memory.

To the children themselves, life as we live it is just a story.


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