‘Spiders Trap’ Wins Best Feature Film @ Underground Cinema Film Festival


The 6th Underground Cinema Film Festival came to a close on Sunday night with the awards ceremony that saw Spiders Trap, directed by Alan Walsh, win Best Feature Film.

Spiders Trap follows Steve Wilson, a former criminal with a talent for cracking safes, who finally gets his chance to make things right. As he sits on the edge of a record deal, a childhood friend and brutal manipulator delivers an ultimatum to drag Steve back to a life he left behind.


Other winners on the night were:

Best International Feature Film: Imperfect Sky
Best Short Film: Swerve
Best Student Film: Battle
Best International Short: Mediation
Best One Minute Film: Love at First Night
Runner Up One Minute Film: Shot on the Red
Winner of the Actors Showcase: Anto Seery
Runner Up for the Actors Showcase: Cherley Kane


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