VFX: Script to Screen



Module two of the VFX: Script to Screen programme will kick off on Wednesday 16th September, showcasing advanced technological processes, including 3D character design; asset management and pipeline tool Shotgun; dynamic simulation tool Houdini; and Virtual/Augmented Reality and 360 degree filming, highlighting how technological processes are altering screen storytelling.

The programme is delivered through Screen Training Ireland the training arm of Bord Scannán na hÉireann/The Irish Film Board, and co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the EU.

Designed in collaboration with the VFX Association of Ireland (VFXAI), this innovative programme is targeted at developing skills and talent in the European visual effects sector while exposing participants to cutting edge advances in VFX technologies.

The future of VFX and storytelling is key to this final module of the programme. Creating exciting and innovative VR content and experiences illustrates what can be achieved in filmmaking. Fire Panda’s Nick Pittom will discuss Virtual Reality storytelling and how building experiences for the viewer using technology can provide access to new experiences and different worlds.

Egg Post Production’s innovative VFX work on GHOSTHUNTERS: ON ICY TRAILS – the Warners-produced family film featuring Amy Huberman, which goes on general release in October – will be examined with particular emphasis on CG character development.

The module will include a studio visit to Windmill Lane VFX to examine processes such pipeline and asset management and dynamic simulation, a physics engine that simulates elements such as liquid, fire and particles, which is widely used in VFX.

Other speakers on the programme include VFX Supervisor Barney Curnow (OUTLANDER; DR. WHO; ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER); and VFX Producer Katrin Arndt (LEGEND; KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE).
The participant for 2015 programme are:

• Andrea Biglione, Director/Producer, Italy
• Arturas Bukauskas, Director, Lithuania
• Trevor Curran, Producer/Writer, Ireland
• Sean Cuthbert, Producer, Ireland
• Kevin de la lsla O’Neill, Director/Producer/Editor, Ireland
• Paul Farren, Director, Ireland
• Aurora Fearnley, Director/Editor, UK
• Maximilian Hult, Director, Sweden
• Faye Jackson, Writer/Director, UK
• Jon Kadocsa, Editor/VFX Editor, Germany
• Nick Kelly, Writer/Director, Ireland
• Ulla Maarit Junell, Producer/Animation, Finland
• Sieber Marly, Producer, Belgium
• Anna G Magnusdottir, Producer, Sweden
• Nigel McAlpine, Producer, UK
• Imogen Murphy, Director, Ireland
• Michi Noro, Post Production Supervisor, Belgium
• Peeter Rebane, Director, Estonia
• Evelin Soosaar-Penttilä, Producer, Estonia
• John Wallace, Producer, Ireland
• Ovidijus Žalys, Post Production Coordinator, Lithuania




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