‘Tabula Rasa’ Completes Post-production

Aislinn Niģ Uallachaģin in Tabula Rasa

Post-production has recently completed on the short film Tabula Rasa, which was filmed on location in Dublin and the Dún Laoghaire region.


Johnny (Derek O’Sullivan) is struggling to cope with life in contemporary Ireland. His lack of opportunities and finances means he has to decide between the girl he loves (Aislinn Ní Uallacháin – pictured) or his dying father Paddy (Gerry Wade). Johnny has to confront his fears and emotions and make his final decision.


Written by Paddy Kelly and directed by British-born filmmaker Tim Janos, who also produced the film along with Frances O’Connor and Nina Vallee. Bruce Block (author of ‘The Visual Story’) was involved in the post-production stages as a visual consultant for the film. The production is now aiming its sights on entering the festival circuit in Ireland/UK and the US.


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