‘Twice Shy’ Tackles Topical Issue of Abortion

Iseult Casey Press Photo


Twice Shy, an independent Irish feature film, has wrapped principal photography after a summer of filming in Ireland and the UK with a host of Irish talent.

The film is a modern coming-of-age drama about a young woman named Maggie (Iseult Casey) who sets off on a road-trip from Ireland to London with her boyfriend Andy (Shane Murray-Corcoran) in order to have an abortion. The film portrays their journey, through the ups and downs of their relationship, in a romantic drama.

Twice Shy is writer / director Tom Ryan’s second feature following the success of his debut film Trampoline. The film is produced by London-based producer Fionn Greger.

The film also features support from a stellar cast including Ardal O’ Hanlon, Pat Shortt, Mary Conroy and Paul Ronan.

Director Tom Ryan says about the film that “We want to show how an unplanned pregnancy can affect both parties in a relationship and we want to do it in a way that isn’t too grim or heavy for an audience, while still giving it the weight that it needs. It’s a very important topic and one which is the source of much debate in Ireland. We are hoping that the film will go some way to showing the issue in a new light.”





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