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Film Ireland are delighted to be involved in a mentorship programme in conjunction with The Computer Clubhouse.

The Computer Clubhouse is located in the heart of the liberties in Dublin and exists to provide young people with new skills, confidence and choices that are not otherwise available to them, helping them to succeed in their careers and lives. The Computer Clubhouse provides a safe and creative learning environment in multimedia technology for young people between the ages of 10 and 18. They are a non-profit organization and are part of a global network of 105 Clubhouses based on a best practice template for after-school learning.

Film Ireland is working with The Clubhouse to provide writing opportunities for young people under the guidance of mentors focusing on discussing and writing film reviews.


Below, Aoife Comerford, Jasmine Curry and Melissa Comerford review Pixels.


Pixels is a wacky, family friendly film. I love sci-fi and In my opinion this film added humour to the sci-fi effect.I would highly recommend this film. This film can relate to all generations. Adam Sandler played a character called Sam Brenner, a funny and charming character. He is always there for his friends in thier times of need. Adam Sandler plays this character extremely well. Kevin James plays a character called Sam Cooper. Cooper is a fun-loving and witty character who is also the President of America. Josh Gad plays a character called Ludlow Lamonsoff, he is a wacky and hilarious character who is a conspiracy theorist. Ludlow, Brenner and Cooper have been friends since they were kids and they make a great team as they come together to fight an alien invasion with their gaming skills. They always seem to lighten the mood, which adds to the enjoyment of the film . Overall I would give this film a five out of five star rating. I feel that the trailer didn’t portray the film well. It was an excellent film and I would gladly watch it again .

Aoife Comerford

I recently went to see the new Adam Sandler movie Pixels. The film was charming, funny and captivating. It really is a film gamers will love. It is every gamers dream to save the world by playing a real life version of the games they love.  This film is going to change the parent speech “you won’t get anywhere in life playing video games”. The colours and effects are enchanting and some of the films moments, actually most of them, had me crying with laughter. The actors lines were very well written and I am a big fan of Adam Sandler and his acting skills This film is definitely a 10\10. I would go and see it again I recommend it, if you like games and comedy its for you.
Jasmine Curry


I found Pixels to be even better than what I expected it to be. I don’t think that the trailer does it full justice. Sci-fi has never been an interest of mine until watching Pixels.

I think that Adam Sandler portrayed his character as Brenner really well. He had humour and his character displayed a profound interest when it came to video games, which made it more realistic. Kevin James acted as Copper with great humour. His occupation within the movie made it that more enjoyable.

My favourite actor within the movie would have to be Eddie, played by Peters Dinklage. I loved his attitude in the movie, he’s fierce and bold. Traits that stuck out to me. Overall, I found the acting and filming in Pixels to be absolutely amazing. Especially in 3D, it felt as if it was real and happening right in front of me. I also loved that even though it’s a Sci-Fi/Comedy it had some romance in it.  I would give this movie a 5 out of 5 rating as I’ve nothing bad to say about it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone of all ages.”

 Melissa Comerford



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