Trailer: Swerve

 Swerve Production Stills - Mycrofilms - Ross Costigan Photograph

The trailer has been released for Swerve, a new crime comedy produced by Mycrofilms. Swerve is about a deadly game where it’s every man for himself as a group of ambitious criminals do battle for a mysterious bag. This game has been going on for as long as anyone in the criminal underworld can remember. If you play, you play to win. If you lose, you die. But the question is, what’s in the bag?


The film is directed by Ross Costigan and written by John Morton. It was produced by Alan Slattery of Mycrofilms. It will premiere as part of the Short Film Program at this years Underground Cinema Film Festival on Saturday, September 12th.


The cast of the Swerve includes Eddie Murphy, David Thompson, John Doran, Brendan Corcoran, Ger Cody, Niall Morrissey, John Morton, Stephen Colfer, Ken McGuire, James McHale, Niall Sheehy, Paul Young and Adrian Kavanagh, amongst others.


The making of Swerve was supported by Artlinks. It was shot entirely on location in Kilkenny City and this marks the very first screening of the film.



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