Short Film: Watch ‘Two Gallants’


With the day that’s in it, Rose Finn Films have launched the first instalment of their ‘Joyce on Film’ series, Two Gallants, free to view worldwide today to coincide with Bloomsday.

Directed by Carl Finnegan, Two Gallants is based on the short story by James Joyce and focuses on the tenuous relationship of the two con men and the fear Lenehan has that his friend Corley may desert him for his new female companion. Recession-era Dublin is portrayed visually as a city where each individual is trying to get ahead of one another. It stars Carl Finnegan (An Irish Father) as the womanising Corley, Alicja Ayres (The Canal, I Used to Live Here) as the polish maid Magda and John Carey (Fair City) as the desperate Lenehan. It also features exclusive music from Fun Lovin’ Criminal Brian ‘Fast’ Leiser. Finnegan also co-wrote the screenplay adaptation with Darren McGrath.



Actor/Filmmaker Carl Finnegan is on the lookout for new Irish filmmaking talent for his  ‘Joyce on Film’ series. He is now accepting applications from all actors and filmmakers for the new anthology film series. The project will see many of the stories from James Joyce’s Dubliners and beyond updated to a contemporary setting.

“Our aim is to showcase new Irish filmmaking talent and introduce a new generation to James Joyce. Across our productions to date we’ve had award-winning professionals and newcomers working together and this is a huge opportunity for the up and coming filmmaking talent we have in Ireland. I want each story in the film series to have a different style and interpretation,” says Carl Finnegan one of the founders of the production company Rose Finn Films.

Actors and filmmakers who would like to apply to the company should contact


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