Latest BAI Sound & Vision Funding Round Announced


The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has announced details of the latest package of recommendations under the Sound & Vision Scheme to have been ratified by the Authority at its most recent meeting.

Funding amounting to €5.109m has been allocated to 123 projects.   Of this, €4.386m has been allocated to 24 TV projects, while 99 radio projects will benefit to the value of €723,000.

In all, 310 applications seeking €29.5m and covering 25 different genre/format categories were received by the closing date of March 5th, the highest for any round to date.

With regard to the funding allocated, documentary was the most supported format in radio, while drama was the most supported in television.  In anticipation of the centenary of the 1916 rising, a number of applications, particularly dramas linked to 1916, were received.  Three television drama series focused on the 1916 rising have been allocated substantial funding, one each for transmission on RTÉ 1, TG4 and TV3.

  • The RTÉ 1 project is ‘Generation’, a five part series focused on the three weeks around the rising, but which will also put these events into a global context.
  • The TG4 project is a ‘Súil Eile’ take on the rising. ‘Wrecking the Rising’ follows three accidental time travellers whose presence in Dublin threatens to change the course of history.
  • ‘Trial of the Century’ on TV3 will explore what would have happened if the leaders of the rising had actually been put on trial.

The BAI will now commence contract negotiations with all successful applications.  A full list of the projects being offered funding is available here


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