Call For: Participants for TV Series, ‘We Love Dublin’



We Love Dublin is anew television series that will be broadcast on Dublin Community Television (DCTV) and made available online after broadcast. Over the past few months the series has been exploring the neighbourhoods of Dublin and meeting people who have made Dublin their new home they have been telling their stories and showing the series around their postcode.
If you live, work, or just love being in the following postcodes of Dublin, the series is eager to speak to you.

D10, D11, D12, D14, D16, D17, D18, D20, D22


The series wants you to tell  your story. To get involved please fill in the form here or email


There will be participation fee.


Episodes will be shot from June onwards.


We Love Dublin is being produced by Community Productions in conjunction with the Immigrant Council Of Ireland and with the support of the Broadcasting Authority Of Ireland’s Sound and Vision scheme. The number of episodes directly reflects the number of areas in Dublin city, 21 zones, 12 on the South and 9 on the North side.


Each episode will be dedicated solely to one area and linked with local places and people from all corners of the globe as they explore the eclectic eateries, enjoy great entertainment and seek out new adventures.


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