Short Film: Watch ‘Cavalier’

Peter McGann as Luke in Cavalier

The award-winning short film Cavalier is a heartache comedy about a directionless young man who reflects on a life of poor decisions as everyone around him seems to be in full control of their future.

Cavalier has travelled the world in the last twelve months including screenings at Indie Cork, Aesthetica Short Film Festival, Richard Harris International Film Festival, Chicago Irish Film Festival and a win for best comedy at The 5th Underground Short Film Festival.

The independently produced film was shot in Co.Galway, Ireland in March of 2014, with a cast that includes Peter McGann, Aoife Spratt (Trampoline), Kenny Gaughan and Roisin Dolan and a crew of one in the form of Sean Clancy. The score was composed by Callum Condron.

Writer.director Sean Clancy told Film Ireland that “Cavalier was born of ideas I had started to write for a character who spent most of his waking life trying to justify his indecision and apathy.

“Its just a brief window into Luke’s life, there’s no real growth on his part, just a slowly sinking feeling that he’s probably more responsible for his own misery than he’d like to admit.

“The relationship aspect of the story is definitely tied to Annie Hall. There’s no better way to mine a characters insecurities and anxieties than by discussing a past relationship and it also allows for a more rational and less self self involved perspective from Jane.

“I didn’t set out to write specially about a relationship but over time it was the one aspect that tied everything else together. A heartache story from the point of view of someone who never leaves their phone unchecked, someone who constantly compares himself to others and who’s always connected but never engaged.”


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