Best Films of 2014


Illustration: Adeline Pericart

So there it goes – another year of sitting in dark rooms staring at lights dancing on big screens and sounds bursting out from speakers. We know ourselves better through film. Every emotion pours forth from our being as we experience its magic and die in its arms.

How was it for you?

We asked our team of filmbots to relive their cinematic experiences and pick their 5 favourite films from the year and fed them into the Film Ireland Aggregator Machine Model T500 to select an overall Top 5. You can read the full list of our writers’ choices here.

The votes are in and counted and stand as:

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel


“…utterly captivating, endlessly enjoyable, and so awe-inspiring…”

Read Gearóid Gilmore’s review here 


2. Under the Skin


“…dense, thought-provoking, beautiful and disturbing…”

Read Donnchadh Tiernan’s review here


3. Boyhood


” …artistic and absorbing…”

Read Aisling Daly’s review here


4. Nightcrawler

“…a deluded and hazy, trance-like dream…”

Read Cormac O’Meara’s review here


5. Mr Turner


“…confirms [Leigh’s] status as a genuinely unique British filmmaker.”

Read David Prendeville’s review here


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