Call For: Submissions for Cork Film Festival 2015


Illustration: Adeline Pericart

Submissions are now open for the 60th Cork Film Festival 2015.

Early bird: Until midnight GMT Saturday 03 January – CorkShorts €10 / Shorts €15 / Features €20.
Regular submissions: Until midnight GMT Saturday 27 June – CorkShorts €10 / Shorts €20 / Features €30.
Late submissions: Until midnight GMT Saturday 1 August – CorkShorts €10 / Shorts €30 / Features €50.


There are eleven prizes at the Festival, including six with cash prizes, two of which qualify for the Academy Awards® long list. All of our juries are independent of the Festival.

The Feature Film Jury will make two awards:

1. Gradam Spiorad na Féile / Spirit of the Festival Award. €1,500 prize; and

2. Grand Prix Documentary. €1,000 prize.

The Irish Short Film Jury will make two awards:

3. Grand Prix Irish Short, presented by RTÉ Cork. €1,500 prize. Academy Awards® qualifying; and

4. CorkShorts. €500 prize.

The International Short Film Jury will make two awards:

5. Grand Prix International Short. €1,000 prize. Academy Awards® qualifying.

6. Grand Prix International Documentary Short. €1,000 prize; and

7. A short film nomination to the European Academy Awards.


8. Special Achievement in Irish Filmmaking – nominated by visiting Irish International Festivals programmers. This can be for writers, directors, producers, actors …. €1,000 prize;

9. Youth Jury Awards for feature films;

10. Audience Award for short films; and

11. Audience Awards for feature films


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