Irish Visual Effects & Animation Summit


28 – 30 November, 2014, Science Gallery Dublin

The second annual Irish VFX & Animation Summit, where award-winning international visual effects practitioners from the US, will take part in workshops and talks from 28 – 30 November. Following on from last year’s massively successful inaugural summit, this year’s event will span three days and will celebrate the amazing world of Visual Effects and animation, with film screenings, talks, workshops, master-classes, discussion panels and Q&As with award-winning VFX and animation professionals including cutting edge talent from both Ireland and around the world. Advance ticket sales for the two day event are now open, with demand expected to be significant.

Highlights from the event include two film screenings, Interstellar on Friday 28th November which will be attended by the visual effects crew that worked on the acclaimed film, and Paddington on Saturday 29th November, which will also be have the visual effects crew present. Confirmed speakers at this year’s summit include high profile industry figures such as Eugenie Von Tunzelmann, CG Supervisor, Interstellar; Darren O’Kelly, Managing Director, The Mill; Kyle McCulloch, VFX Supervisor, Framestore and Eamonn Butler, Animation Director, Cinesite.

Ireland has a strong history of producing world-class talent in the arts and film in particular, with 2014 seeing one of the busiest production years for indigenous films in many years. This history, coupled with ongoing success in producing talented and successful engineers, software developers and computer game professionals, creates a pool of talent that can contribute so much to our homegrown VFX and the wider film industry. Despite this however, at this present time there are still comparatively low numbers of Irish professionals practicing within this industry. The aim of the VFX & Animation Summit is to change this.

The annual VFX & Animation summit will promote the VFX and animation trades within Ireland, to create a wider dialogue between existing and aspiring VFX and animation professionals and to offer training and support to those who wish to join the industry. The event’s success depends upon the support and participation of the key players in the industry: the established Irish VFX and Animation studios and their artists, the film and culture supporting bodies and the aspiring, young students who want to be tomorrow’s professionals. With this support both existing and new talent in Ireland will benefit enormously from this annual conference. The summit is also teaming with Shotgun for a Showreel Clinic and they invite industry professionals and students to send in their showreels. There will also be a special panel discussion on Women in Animation. The event takes place with the support of Screen Training Ireland, Animation Skillnet and Enterprise Ireland.

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Tickets can be purchased here, with special discounts for large groups and students



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