Irish Composer Nominated for Discovery of the Year Award


Irish composer, Patrick Cassidy has been nominated for the Discovery of the Year Award, in the 14th World Soundtrack Academy programme. This prestigious accolade will be announced and presented during the World Soundtrack Awards and Concert on October 25th at the Kuipke Events Centre in Ghent, Belgium.

The World Soundtrack Academy’s objective is to reward and stimulate the growth of talented composers by awarding the Discovery of the Year, and Patrick Cassidy’s musical score for John Michael McDonagh’s hit movie Calvary is nominated for this. He will face tough competition as he competes against Oscar winner Steven Price (Gravity, The Worlds End) and Daniel Pemberton (The Councellor, Cuban Fury).

Speaking of his collaboration with Calvary director John Michael McDonagh, Patrick said “John did not want the score to sound ethnic because, although the film is set in Ireland, the story is universal. I did however use quite a lot of voices which I felt would convey tenderness and a sense of spiritual goodness.”

Before leaving to attend the awards, he said “I am very pleased that the World Soundtrack Awards has nominated Calvary in the Discovery of the Year Category. Calvary has had great success and did very well at the IFTAs earlier this year; let’s hope that the winning streak continues.”

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