Filmbase Students Win 2014 Green Film Making Competition for European Students


The Masters Students of Filmbase were awarded first prize at the 2014 Green Film Making Competition for European Students for their films Poison Pen and The Light of Day. The decision was announced at The Netherlands Film Festival‘s masterclass ‘Green Filmmaking: The Future of Producing’

The Green Film Making Competition is an initiative that challenges filmmakers to rethink their production processes and encourages young filmmakers across Europe to produce their films as sustainably as possible, while coming up with new and innovative sustainable solutions for on-set: lighting, art departments, transportation, energy consumption, craft services, and overall production process.

John Gormley, Poison Pen’s Green Production Manager, outlined the students’ green filmmaking processes explaining how they “embraced the concept of green filmmaking, and that meant looking at all aspects of filmmaking. From costumes, which were in most cases, all recycled,  we looked at the energy provider, and we tried to use green electricity as much as possible. The scripts, which in fact were provided on iPads, we tried to avoid paper , we recycled as much as we could on set, and that was successful for the most part. We also had green transport, we had electric cars provided. Every aspect of this film we looked at, and in that way, we reduced our carbon footprint [ …] Overall the experience of green filmmaking has been very positive […] we learned some very valuable lessons, we got great assistance from some of the state agencies, and I think on the basis of what we learnt, there’s a great future for green filmmaking here in Ireland.”

Below is a short video showing the efforts of the MSc Digital Feature Film Production course at Filmbase to engage in Green Filmmaking practices while producing their feature films The Light of Day and Poison Pen, 2014.


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