‘Poison Pen’ Screens at Virginia Film Festival


The comedy feature Poison Pen, the first screenplay from international best seller Eoin Colfer, screens at the Virginia Film Festival  7:00 pm, Saturday, 8th November at Downtown Mall in the Regal 2.

The film co-stars Lochlann O Mearáin as a washed-up author, who is coerced into writing for a gossip magazine, alongside Aoibhinn McGinnity as his new boss. Set in London but shot almost entirely in Dublin, Poison Pen is a smart and discerning romantic comedy about the nature of celebrity and integrity.

Poison Pen was directed by Lorna Fitzsimons, Jennifer Shortall and Steven Benedict, and made as part of the Masters in Digital Feature Film Production at Filmbase, which places an emphasis on practical filmmaking to prepare students for a future in film production.

The Virginia Film Festival runs 6-9 November 2014



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