IndieCork Launches

Patrick O'Shea. Southernman Films. IndieCork Film Festival. 2014.

Patrick O’Shea. Southernman Films. IndieCork Film Festival. 2014. Pic by: Marcin Lewandowski 

IndieCork, now established as Ireland’s premier platform for independent cinema, is officially launched today at the newly opened Rising Son’s Brewery, on Cornmarket Street.

Tthe festival is screening 18 locally produced shorts, as well as a locally produced documentary, Mother Jones and Her Children and the world premiere of Ian Ruby’s Cork feature Dead Dogs. Guests were also treated to a special preview of Dave Grannell’s festival trailer, with soundtrack by Tony Langlois.

The diverse programme is packed with 50 best Irish shorts, showcasing the quality, talent and innovation in the indie film sector, Irish and international. As well as six new Irish features, there are new, independent features from the American indie scene, Germany, the UK, India and a wider international programme.

Screenings, workshops, talks, scriptwriting competition, shorts, features, documentaries, music and food programme is just a taste of what Cork film fans will be treated to in Cork City next week.

IndieCork opens on the 12th and runs through to the 19th of October 2014 across many venues in Cork City.





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