DIR/WRI: Stephen Bradley  PRO: Stephen Bradley, Melanie Gore-Grimes DOP: Trevor Forrest ED: Mags Arnold DES: Cristina Casali MUS: Ben Foster, Giles Martin CAST: Deirdre O’Kane, Sarah Greene, Gloria Cramer Curtis, Brendan Coyle

Noble is the eponymous biopic of acclaimed charity worker Christina Noble who set up the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation. Written and directed by Stephen Bradley, Noble‘s story is one of a woman, who nurtured a desire to change the world, a woman whose ambition was endless and whose love was relentless. Fuelled by anguish and hostility with the world around her Noble sets out to reshape it as best she can.

The film is a breathtaking cultural panorama which gets to the roots of Christina Noble, charity worker extraordinaire and all round do-gooder. Structurally the film bears an obvious parallel with My Left Foot as it interweaves between the present and the past, giving  a clear sense of the environment which shaped Noble into such an ambitious and charitable individual. While Noble offers a striking sense of fascination with human potential I can’t help but feel that the human connection wanes somewhat in the scale and scope of the project. Ultimately though, the film is a great example of endearing and compassionate filmmaking.

Deirdre O Kane gives a striking sense of credibility and depth to Noble. The film employs a breadth of acting talent who give memorable performances with appearances from the likes of Brendan Coyle, Liam Cunningham, Ruth Neega, Nhu Quynh and Sarah Greene. The overall production value is exceptionally high, the deft use of camera and lighting compliments and the complex production design elevates the storytelling.

Michael Stephen Lee

15A (See IFCO for details)

101 minutes

Noble is released 19th September 2014

Noble – Official Website


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