Three Films on Philosophers at NUI Galway


The Huston School of Film & Digital Media and the Discipline of Philosophy present a series of three films on philosophers and their ideas.


5.30pm Tuesday 16th September, Main Room, Huston School, NUI Galway.

HANNAH ARENDT (Margarethe von Trotta, 2012)

A look at the life of philosopher and political theorist Hannah Arendt, who reported for The New Yorker on the war crimes trial of the Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem and articulated the concept of the “banality of evil”.





5.30pm Tuesday 23rd September, Main Room, Huston School, NUI Galway.

WITTGENSTEIN (Derek Jarman, 1993)

An imaginative dramatization of the life and thought of the Viennese-born, Cambridge-educated philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951), whose principal interest was the nature and limits of language.





5.30pm Tuesday 7th October, Main Room, Huston School, NUI Galway.

AGORA (Alejandro Amenábar, 2009)

A historical drama set in Roman Egypt, concerning a slave who turns to the rising tide of Christianity in the hopes of pursuing freedom while also falling in love with his master, the female philosophy and mathematics professor Hypatia of Alexandria. Hypatia defends philosophical thinking in the face of growing ethnic strife and the storms of fanaticism in the last days of the Roman empire.



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