Thaddeus O’Sullivan on DVD


Five early rarely-seen films by Thaddeus O’Sullivan, are released this week on DVD by the Irish Film Institute and St Mary’s University, London as part of the IFI’s ongoing series of archive-based DVD releases.

The two-disc, digitally remastered DVD features five films that O’Sullivan made between 1974 and 1985 including the BAFTA nominated The Woman Who Married Clark Gable (1985) and a rarely shown film on Jack B. Yeats (1981), as well as authoritative versions of his RCA and BFI work from the 1970s.

These early films launched a career which later included features December Bride, Ordinary Decent Criminal and Stella Days and television work that includes Amber and the Emmy Award-winning Into the Storm/Churchill at War. Working regularly in Ireland and England he occupies a tantalising position between his native and adopted cultures, existing as he once termed it, “in the crack between [British and Irish] cultures.”

Thaddeus O’Sullivan: The Early Films, 1974-1985 is available from the IFI Film Shop in person, on 01 679 5727 or online at priced €19.99 (or €21.99 inc. shipping).


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