Call For: Submissions for Feminist Film Festival


The Feminist Film Festival wants to provide a platform for short films that encompass, express, illustrate or open discourse around feminist principles and women’s experiences. This is a purposefully broad criteria, so all kinds of shorts and all kinds of subject matter are welcome.

The Festival is asking filmmakers to send a Youtube link (or similar, private if they wish) of their short and 100-150 words about why they feel it should be screened to

All shorts must be 5-15 minutes long and the deadline for submissions is 5pm Wednesday, July 30th. Email/check the website for updates and more information.

The Feminist Film Festival takes place on Saturday August 30th (12-5pm) & Sunday August 31st (12-9pm), 2014 at the New Theatre, 43 Essex St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

ALL profits from the festival will go to charity.



Twitter: (@FemmoFilmFest)




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