Irish Experimental Film in Russia


Curated by Masha Godovannaya and Alan Lambert, this video-show «Solus & Guests» presents a selection of new and recent film-works by Irish filmmakers and international collaborators with previous contributors to collective programs. It reflects a current circle that has emerged in recent years in Irish experimental film-making and art, particularly in the presence of the Experimental Film Society, many of whose members are represented here. The programme includes artists such as Max Le Cain, Vicky Langan, Dean Kavanagh, Anthony Kelly & David Stalling, Michael Higgins, Esperanza Collado, Aoife Desmond, Rouzbeh Rashidi, Moira Tierney and Alan Lambert.
The show will be opened by a screening of ‘Absences and (Im)possibilities: Traces of an experimental cinema in Ireland’ in a special condensed version of the full four-part programme.

This programme traces a tradition of experimental film-making in Ireland. It features the work of artists such as the Lumiere Brothers, Norris Davidson, Vivienne Dick, Paddy Jolley, Barry Ronan, Dónal Ó’Ceilleachair and Jesse Jones.It is curated by the Experimental Film Club and commissioned by the Irish Film Institute International.


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