Walking on Sunshine


DIR: Max Giwa, Dania Pasquini • WRI: Joshua St Johnston • PRO: Caroline Levy, Allan Niblo, James Richardson • DOP: Philipp Blaubach • ED: Robin Sales • MUS: Anne Dudley • DES: Sophie Becher • CAST: Greg Wise, Joelle Koissi, Leona Lewis

Walking on Sunshine (2014) is a buoyant summer film, set in the picturesque village of Puglia, with postcard beaches and quaint houses.

The film opens with Taylor’s (played by Hannah Arterton) rendition of Madonna’s ‘Holiday’, promising a fun-filled 97 minutes to follow. The general plot, whilst quite simple, left a lot to be desired if we are to use the Bechdel test for analysis. There were moments of cringe factor when the two sisters repetitively spoke about their relationships, men and love, which was slightly bewildering. The portrayal of these two young girls lusting after a guy seemed a little archaic – is this how women behave?

Taylor, having spent three years in college, now arrives back in Puglia to meet her sister Maddie’s new boyfriend Raf, only to discover she is getting hitched! Taylor sets off to find some of her old crowd at the beach and to her dismay; Taylor is confronted by her ex-holiday fling, and Maddie’s fiancé, Raf!  Here Leona Lewis makes her film debut, playing Elena one of Taylor’s old friends, who Taylor swears to secrecy. To make life more complicated, Maddie’s ex, Doug, arrives to win her back, by way of in-any other-film, sexual harassment.

I wished for some relief from the monotony of their ‘intimate’ conversations centred on the sisters’ clumsy love triangle. This was granted by way of the fun-filled tomato throwing festival, which I thought was a welcome addition to the film’s somewhat bland story. It was the only cultural ‘oomph’ in the whole film.

The energy of the ’80s music coupled by the ’80s themed hen party had me dancing in my seat. All in all, the cast played a blinder and if you like musicals and are looking for a carefree film told through song then this is one to watch. I guarantee you’ll be dancing in your seat!


Juls Nicholl-Stimpson

12A (See IFCO for details)
97 mins

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie is released on 27th June 2014

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie– Official Website

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