Call For: Video Production Students

Call for

Illustration: Adeline Pericart

Cycle Ataxia is looking for students studying film production and/or post production that may be interested in producing a a short, but slick video presentation of Charity cycling event in aid of Ataxia Ireland.

Friedreich’s Ataxia is a debilitating, life shortening, neuromuscular condition that typically presents in children.  The disease causes progressive loss of muscle control, strength & coordination.  It can affect the speech, sight and hearing.  Sufferers are normally reliant on a wheelchair by the time they reach their 20’s.  Life expectancy is greatly reduced due to diabetes & heart defects, which are common symptoms.  There is currently no cure or treatment availabl

The event will take place from Ashbourne/ Donaghmore GAA club, on Sunday, 10th of August.

It is hoped that the video can be used to seek corporate sponsorship for next year’s event.

At this stage, Cycle Ataxia cannot offer financial payment for any services, other than covering direct costs incurred, as they are focused on minimizing expense, to maximise benefit to their charities.

Events on the day that should be captured include:

  • Venue Set-up
  • Cyclist Registration
  • Cyclist preparation / equipment adjustment
  • The big start
  • On-course action (from stationary positions and from inside a moving vehicle)
  • The rest stations
  • Medical services in action (there will be 2-3 ambulances present)
  • Support & Guidance vehicles in action (Motorbikes, cars & vans will be used)
  • The finish line (MC, DJ etc)
  • And the lunch (Food service & cyclists eating)

Please email for further information.


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