Cathal Black’s ‘Butterfly’ in Production

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Butterfly is an independent, Irish short film from Cathal Black, director of Pigs, Korea and Learning Gravity, and producer of Sundance 2013 winning animated short Irish Folk Furniture. The script was written by Irish playwright Neil Donnelly, adapted from his own stage play. Denis Conway (The Wind That Shakes the Barley, Quirke, Alexander, Garage) and Antonia Campbell-Hughes (Kelly + Victor, 3096, The Canal, The Other Side of Sleep) star in the lead roles.

Butterfly is about Leonard, a lonely probation officer, estranged from his wife, who is faced with the difficult task of writing a report on Teri, a young, hot-tempered illustrator who has convictions for minor theft. A clash of personalities in their first meeting sets the tone for what’s to come, and, over the course of their series of meetings, Leonard’s need to help her brings about more conflict as Teri stubbornly rejects his methods and uses his personal failings to keep him at arms length. As Leonard’s patience runs out he steps beyond the boundaries of his role in hope of reaching Teri and making a breakthrough. Teri’s acceptance or rejection of his helping hand will ultimately see her released from the dark past she has lived with for years, or condemn her to continue in her downward spiral.

Butterfly will take the form of a ‘long-short’ and will have an expected run time of thirty minutes. The production team aim to create an engaging and immersive experience for the audience, and deliver a final product with very high production values which will compete at festivals around the world over the coming year, with the hope of ultimately screening on national and international television.

Butterfly is currently in production, and to date has been financed by Black with shooting taking place in Dublin. However, in order to cover post-production expenses, and build upon the excellent work of the stellar cast and crew, the creative team are currently in the process of raising a budget of €10,000 via a crowd-funding campaign on At the time of writing 36% of the budget sought has been raised with 15 days remaining to raise the outstanding ­­64% – €6,390.

The pitch video for the campaign, which features the stars and creative team, and gives a glimpse of the production, can be found on the funding homepage ­­­­­­­­­





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