Score to Feature Film ‘A Nightingale Falling’ Recorded by Ulster Orchestra in Belfast

Tara Breathnach - 'May' in A Nightingale Falling

The Ulster Orchestra is recording the score to feature film A Nightingale Falling over two days in Belfast at the end of April.

With support from Northern Ireland Screen, this is the first time ever that the Ulster Orchestra has recorded a full, feature-length film score and it joins only a handful of film scores to be recorded entirely in Ireland.

The score was written by Donegal-born composer Graeme Stewart for Mixed Bag Media’s film A Nightingale Falling. Stewart likens the score to “an emotional spectator of the film,” and describes it as having “a lyrical and a pastoral quality, featuring woodwind and solo stringed instruments, while at the same time becoming much more symphonic when it needs to.”

The film, based on the novel of the same title by PJ Curtis, is a new historical drama set against the backdrop of a turbulent, war-torn Ireland in the early 1920s. It a story of a household and its inhabitants caught in the crucible of the merciless politics, cruelties and hardships of the period. It is also a story of love, and the dark secrets that lead to broken hearts.  Starring Tara Breathnach (pictured), Muireann Bird and Gerard McCarthy, it was filmed entirely on location in Co. Offaly.  A Nightingale Falling will be released later this year.



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