‘Cattle Raid’ in Production

Cattle Raid Spaceman Wide

Cattle Raid is an action adventure story being shot in Connemara this June. A group of passionate experienced and new filmmakers Room12Productions are making their first feature film having cut their teeth on numerous shorts, TV and music video between them. Shooting will be in Carraroe, Screebe, Maam Cross, Ballinasloe and other locations in the county.

“We live in a very exciting time for film in Ireland and everywhere. New filmmakers are working with lower budgets but with more imagination and ingenuity than ever and I hope together you me and all the cast and crew, we can contribute to this new wave of film with Cattle Raid.

Connemara is the perfect setting for this story. We want to keep the film as local as we can and involve as much local support as we can in every aspect of the production”. Liza Bolton, Director, Producer and Screenwriter.

Cattle Raid is based in the year 2120. Fergus, leader of the Northern Zone, is wrongly accused of a murder. Together with his 3 sons he is exiled from the safety of the Northern Zone into the wilderness. This kick starts an epic adventure across the wilderness for Fergus and his sons in an effort to find sanctuary, revenge and redemption.



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