Dublin Film Qlub present: Nighthawks



Season Four of the Dublin Film Qlub, “Burning the Closet!”, continues with…



    Dir. Ron Peck, 1978

Starring: Ken Robertson, Tony Westrope, Rachel Nicholas


Saturday 19th April 2014 2:30 pm

(doors open at 2.00 pm)

The New Theatre

East Essex street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Day membership: €8

(free tea and coffee)

By day, he is a primary school teacher, entrusted with passing on knowledge and a sense of social values. By night, he is a dedicated cruiser in London’s gay underground. He is not being forced into a secret life of remorseful sin in order to survive in a homophobic society… he just loves it! This is a vocation, a perfectly valid lifestyle, and the source of much excitement and pleasure… so what’s the problem? His best friend –a divorced mum with a kid, who is also treading her own path–, is doing her best to understand his choices… but what will happen when his students confront him in class and demand answers? This is Taxi Zum Klo without the sex. A mesmerizing, courageous film, which refuses to spare us the chill of an army of loveless hunters.


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