Call For: Cast for Short & Feature


Illustration: Adeline Pericart

Rice Christian Films are currently preparing to start work on two projects – one short, one (possibly) feature length.

The short requires:

  • Male actor playing mid 30s with a strong eastern European accent (an actor for whom English is not their first language would suit well). Ability to ride a motorbike would also help.
  • Male actor playing early 20s.
  • Female actor playing early 20s. 

The longer film requires:

  • Male actor playing mid 30s to mid 40s.
  • Several male actors with strong improvisational skills playing 30 to 50 for smaller parts.

The short will film in May, the feature piece in August. Please send on links to showreels with either ‘short’ or ‘feature’ in the subject line to , attn. Garry or go to the ‘casting’ link at 

The roles are unpaid but should either film meet with any commercial success, Rice Christian Films will be delighted to settle the account.


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