‘Walt’ Wins Best Short at Movie Days

Walt (John E Regan)

Dunsany Productions’ fairy tale horror film Walt has won an award for best short at Movie Days, which took place over the weekend of the 22nd  and the 23rd of March in Dortmund, Germany. The film’s director Randal Plunkett (Out There), accepted the award.

Walt, which stars Australian actor John E. Regan (Spiderhole) and young newcomer Cian Lavelle Walsh (Out There), is the story of James  (Lavelle Walsh), a young boy having a difficult adolescence with a dead mother and drunk absent father. Living a sad existence in which he is bullied at school. James spends his days alone wondering the open fields near his house. One day as he is walking by a river near the woods, he meets an old blind American, Walt (Regan). Walt befriends James, understanding what it is to be an outcast himself, having no family or friends of his own.  Walt takes on a father-like relationship with James, allowing the young boy to express himself through their time together fishing in the country river. But Walt is not all that he seems, and what seems like a simple tale of friendship and coming of age, quickly leads to a nightmare.

The film was written, produced, edited and directed by Randal Plunkett with cinematography by Stefano Battarola (Out There).  The score was written by award-winning composer Darius McGann (Guerrilla, Out There). The post-production sound was done at Moynihan Russell Recording Studios by Tony Kiernan (Ripper Street).








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