Filmbase Works: The Filmbase Staff Exhibition



From 18th December 2013 – Filmbase, Temple Bar, Curved St.

Lurking in the recesses of the Filmbase building are painters, illustrators, poets, writers and photographers. By day these skulking creative types make up the Filmbase and Film Ireland staff, meticulously tending to the day-to-day running of the world-famous filmmaker resource centre.

But by night these humble receptionists, project and marketing managers are free to spread their creative wings and infiltrate Dublin’s art scene one masterpiece at a time.

To honour these unsung heroes of creativity, in this festive time of giving, we are giving them an opportunity to expose their veiled talents at a very special Filmbase Staff Exhibition.

From Wednesday, 18th December, Training Managers will become photographers, Receptionists will become poets, Building Managers will become illustrators, and artists of all kinds will crawl out of the red-painted woodwork in the Filmbase equivalent of the Guggenheim.

The exhibition will run over Christmas, opening on the 18th December, and entry is free.




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