Paul Duane Named by Variety among Directors to Watch


Irish director Paul Duane has been named among Variety’s 10 Directors to Watch.

After making a name for himself directing for television, Duane directed the acclaimed 2011 documentary Barbaric Genius, charting  John Healy’s rise from homeless wino to chess prodigy and award-winning author. He followed this with the exhilarating Very Extremely Dangerous, his road trip portrait of the gun-toting wildman of rock, Jerry McGill, who died earlier this year. His latest film is Natan, co-directed with David Cairns, the story of one of French cinema’s forgotten pioneers


The Dec. 17 issue of Variety will include profiles of Duane as well as the 9 other directors chosen by Variety, as listed below.

Amma Asante (Belle)
Clio Barnard (The Selfish Giant)
Anthony Chen (Ilo Ilo)
Ben Falcone (Tammy)
Maya Forbes (Infinitely Polar Bear)
Aron Gaudet & Gita Pullapilly (Beneath the Harvest Sky)
Dome Karukoski (Heart of a Lion)
Justin Simien (Dear White People)
Gren Wells (The Road Within)


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