Jameson Cult Film Club: Predator



Nothing like it has ever been seen on Earth before. It kills for pleasure, it terrorises for sport but this time…it picked the wrong event to hunt. In true Jameson Cult Film Club style, organisers pulled out all the stops to transform Dublin’s Mansion House into the Central American Jungle for an interactive screening of the 1987 high suspense, sci-fi thriller Predator on Tuesday 19th November 2013.


The crowd were completely immersed in the film from the moment they arrived as they entered the jungle to the intense sound of helicopter blades whirring. Major Dutch and the rest of the elite Special Forces briefed the gathering crowd on the covert rescue mission they were undertaking and warned them that something invisible was lurking in the trees. Once inside, guests followed the trail of luminous blood on the jungle leaves to find the Predator perched in the trees trying to heal his wounds.



Menacing red lasers and rustling leaves sent chills through the crowd throughout the screening, whilst perfectly timed special effects helped to create an electric atmosphere in the venue. Characters from the movie re-enacted famous scenes including the iconic spine ripping scene, when one of the squad team was dragged by the ‘invisible’ Predator  into the dense foliage and the final Predator death scene in the jungle.


The crowd gasped and broke into applause when the hanging skinned bodies were revealed and when jungle leaves dropped into their laps during one of the explosions, helping to create an incredibly enjoyable, interactive film experience for all.


Enjoying the Jameson Cult Film Club Experience was actor Jack Reynor and girlfriend Madeline Mulqueen (pictured), international model Sam Homan, TV presenter Kamal Ibrahim and Liam McCormack along with celebrity illusionist Shane Gillen. Following the screening, the party continued in true Jameson style with guests tucking into ‘Jungle Burgers’ and Jameson, Ginger and Lime long drinks while DJ Aidan Kelly took to the decks to entertain guests.


Continuing on from this year’s successful screenings of Die Hard, Intermission and LA Confidential, the Jameson Cult Film Club is all about watching your favourite cult films at spectacular screenings, staged to transport you into the film’s universe. Keep an eye on JamesonCultFilmClub.ie for details on upcoming screenings and to register for free tickets.



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