Liam Bates’ score for ‘Last Passenger’ to be Released

Liam Bates


The soundtrack by Irish composer Liam Bates for the action film Last Passenger is available to buy on CD on 19th November 2013.

The score, which was recorded with The Orchestra of Ireland at Studio 8, RTÉ, and mixed at Windmill Lane was influenced by high-octane action scores form the 1970s and 80s to fit the exciting, tense and dark nature of the the film. Last Passenger is a claustrophobia thriller directed by Omid Nooshin. Dr. Lewis Shaler, along with his son Max and his love interest, are travelling on a commuter train that misses out on the last of its stops. The small group of surviving commuters must work together to stop the train before they meet their doom.

“I thought that the score should be emblematic of the film’s overall direction,” explained Omid Nooshin, the director, who also co-wrote the film, “personal approach spotlighting emotion and character, but also evoking the central theme of everyday heroism in the face of mortality. Liam’s initial composition was an opening salvo of racing brass and percussive pulses. The sheer excitement he conjured put the hook in me.”

Liam Bates talked about his concept for the score. “Interestingly, the music for a movie which is literally constantly on the move, required particular attention to that second musical element, the vehicle of rhythm. This element which was laid out with strongly defined pace and carefully marked tempo transitions, would become the back-bone for the steadily rising tension in the film, leaving pitch or melody to draw out the emotion surrounding the characters and their interplay.”

“Being mindful not to simply emulate the rhythmic sound of the train on the track, I looked for various metallic sounds to add to the existing chosen orchestral pallet of strings and brass. The musical themes drawing the emotional play between characters, albeit occasionally sweet or romantic, still seemed best served with a slightly unnerving restlessness”.

The Last Passenger: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is published by Bucks Music Group and is released by MovieScore Media & Kronos.


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