Capital Irish Film Festival Schedule

The CIFF Schedule has been announced:

Thursday, December 5, Programming from 6:30pm – 11pm

6:30 PM Life’s A Breeze, E Street

Purchase tickets for Life’s a Breeze through E Street Cinema


9:00 PM Opening Night Reception, Aria

Friday, December 6, Programming from 7pm – 11pm
7:00 PM, Skin in the Game, Goethe Institut
8:30 PM, Stalker, Goethe Institut

Saturday, December 7, Programming from 10am – 10pm
10:30 AM, Children’s Program, Goethe Institut

  • Bia Duchais
  • Fear of Flying
  • Fionnuala: A Small Puppet on a Big Journey

12noon, Irish Films, Goethe Institut

  • Bia Duchais
  • Prata (Our Native Food, The Potato)
  • Scoil Samhraidh

2:00 PM, Shorts Program, Goethe Institut

  • Fear of Flying
  • After You
  • Downpour
  • Spot
  • Toy Soldiers
  • The Note

4pm Tapestry of Colours, Goethe Institut

6pm Home Turf  with When Ali Came to Ireland, Goethe Institut

8pm OFFline Film Festival winners with Good Cake Bad Cake: The Story of Lir, Goethe Institut

Sunday, December 8, Programming from 12noon – 8pm
12noon Irish Films Goethe Institut

  • Bia Duchais, Prata (Our Native Food, The Potato)
  • City Wild

2pm, Life’s a Breeze,  Goethe Institut

5pm, Bernadette: Notes on a Political Journey, Goethe Institut

6:30 PM Director Talk with Lelia DoolanGoethe Institut

7:30 PM Closing Reception Goethe Institut


This year’s festival theme is “The Irish on Ireland,” a look at modern and historical Ireland by Irish filmmakers. The four-day festival runs from 5-8 December, 2013.

Solas Nua the only organization in the United States dedicated exclusively to contemporary Irish arts.

For more information about the festival visit


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