Preview of Irish Film at Cork Film Festival: Dark Touch

dark touch

The 58th Cork Film Festival (9 – 17 November)

Dark Touch

Tuesday, 12th November, 23:45

Triskel Christchursh
Tickets €9.00
90 Minutes

Dark Touch, the psychological horror directed by Marina De Van, will screen at the 58th annual Cork Film Festival. Made as part of an Irish, French and Swedish co-production, the film focuses on Niamh, an 11-year-old who is the sole survivor of a supernatural massacre that destroyed her family.

Niamh and her family are in an isolated house in Ireland when the house and furniture take on a life of their own and attack the inhabitants, leaving all but the young girl dead. The police will not believe her story and she is taken in by family friends. But the danger persists and Niamh comes to realise she has powers that will put more than just herself in danger.

Within the context of a horror movie, Dark Touch deals with issues of child abuse and trauma.

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