Irish Shorts at the Cork Film Festival 1: Unfinished Dreaming


The 58th Cork Film Festival (9 – 17 November)

Thursdat, 14th November, 13:30

Trskel Christchurch
Tickets €6.00
93 Minutes

The presence of absence looms large in this presentation of films focusing on near-forgotten dreams, often – but not always – to be superseded by the calming re-assurance of a second chance.

The Line-Up:

Bridge Station

An old man sells scratch cards outside of a train station watching the people pass by. Everyday, they emerge from the station at the same time without paying attention to him. Until one day…

Director: Christopher Brennan
Producer: Francois Farrugia
Ireland / 2013 / 16 Minutes / Colour



Grey abducts the sweetheart of raccoon T-Rex in the hope that he’ll be hers.

Director: Claire Lennon
Producer: IADT
Ireland / 2013 / 3 Minutes / Colour



A chance encounter in a coffee shop between Mark and Sara results in a wondrous new perspective.

Director: Steven Daly
Producer: Oisín O’Driscoll, Steven Daly
Ireland / 2013 / 14 Minutes / Colour



A mechanic at the end of his tether finds solace in old age.

Director: Tom Sullivan, Feidlim Cannon
Producer: Tom Sullivan, Siun O’Connor
Ireland / 2013 / 15 Minutes / Colour


The Beauty of Ballybrack

Under the guise of being just another Home-stay Hostess from Ballybrack, Bríd invites a gaggle of beautiful young Spanish girls to come and stay with her while they learn English, but for a price.

Director: Megan Woods
Producer: Amber Miles
Ireland / 2013 / 15 Minutes / Colour


Rainbow Chaser

Patrick Campbell Lyons jumped from Co. Waterford straight into the 1960s London psychedelic scene with his band Nirvana. 45 years on, he retraces his steps.

Director: Conor Heffernan
Producer: Conor Heffernan
Ireland / 2013 / 30 Minutes / Colour


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