Short Film of the Week: Watch ‘Admit One ’ by Steve Woods

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In Admit One, a dancer confronts a cinema. The film uses the energy of modern dance to examine cinema as passive escapism. The dancer – at first active and then reduced to an image captured on a cinema screen – is contrasted with the rigid awkwardness of the cinema audience.

Director Steven Woods spoke to Film Ireland about his 2010 short film: “Admit One is a Dance Film. It is experimental with some stop motion and is non-narrative. However it does communicate – in the primal way as only dance can do.

In it a dancer journeys through a cinema. As he enters the foyer, lights come on and the dancer reacts as if he is caught up in a net. The cinema too reacts, chairs and tables swirl and move. The dancer is captured and transferred to the cinema screen from where there is no escape.

The elemental energy of modern dance – now on the cinema’s screen is contrasted against the rigid awkwardness of the audience watching. But as always art finds a way and at least one member of the audience has been affected.”

Admit One  was part of the “Dance on the Box” scheme commissioned by the Art’s Council and RTÉ.


Director/Writer:          Steve Woods

Dancer:                     Ashley Chen

Camera:           Ivan McCollough

Coreographer:          John Scott

Producer:                  Catherine Lyons/Camel



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