‘Collider’ Screened at Geneva Film Festival


Dublin-based production company beActive screened its new sci-fi film Collider at the Geneva Film Festival. The movie ran in the new Transmedia competition created by the Swiss festival. Collider is a science-fiction film depicting the last 24 hours of a group of six characters trapped on the CERN campus in the year 2018. They are mankind’s last hope to avoid certain destruction of the planet.

After the successful world premiere last month in London, the Swiss premiere took place Saturday, November 2th. beActive were on hand to present a case study on Collider and showcased all the digital content that surrounds this film: videogames, webisodes and digital interactive comic books. Collider was directed by Jason Butler (Republic of Telly, The Rubberbandits) and inspired by the graphic novel of the same name created by award winning and two-times Emmy-nominated writer-producer Nuno Bernardo.

Collider was shot in October 2012 in Ireland. An old boutique hotel on the outer region of Dublin city was used for the hotel scenes. The Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment Works was used to recreate the CERN complex. The action in Collider goes down in Geneva, in Switzerland, on a location that once was the CERN campus, where the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest particle accelerator, is located.

The movie combines traditional sci-fi themes with an action packed story, with elements of drama and romance. The setting is an uninhabitable, post-apocalyptic future world, where time travel is possible and terrifying creatures wait in the dark! In this bleak world, a lone group of survivors are humanity’s last hope for redemption.


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