Preview of Irish Film at Cork Film Festival: The Shadows


The 58th Cork Film Festival (9 – 17 November)

13th November, 10:30

Gate Cinema
Tickets €6.00
85 Minutes

The Shadows, an Irish feature directed by Colin Downey and produced by Eimear O’Kane, is to be screened at this year’s Cork Film Festival. The film tells the story of a young boy’s journey as he ventures into ‘the World of Shadows’.

Eimear spoke to Film Ireland about what it means for The Shadows to be screened at Cork this year. “It is an honour to screen The Shadows at the Cork Film Festival this year alongside such high calibre films. We hope the audience there responds as warmly to the film as they have at previous festivals”.

The film was shot in Bective and Navan, County Meath, and evokes a longing for adventure and escape seen through the prism of a child’s imagination.

The Shadows follows the adventures of a lonely young boy, Matthew (Lorcan Melia), as he discovers a key to a parallel world of mystery and magic beneath his grandmother’s garden. Matthew meets a Shadowman named Yorrick (Michael Parle) who guards an ancient crown of gold and his Shadow Guardian, Alice (Emma Eliza Regan) and learns of his great destiny to one day rule the legendary Kingdom of Shadows. But in an icy lair far to the north, the wicked witch Geldren (Natalia Kostrzewa) soon hears of the boy and comes to take his crown away.

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