Preview of Irish Film at Cork Film Festival: The Lord’s Burning Rain

lords burning rain

The 58th Cork Film Festival (9 – 17 November)

The Lord’s Burning Rain

Sunday, 10th November, 14:00

Cork Opera House
Tickets €6.00
89 Minutes

Adapted from the 2005 short story of the same name, the Irish feature, The Lord’s Burning Rain, will screen at this year’s Cork Film Festival. The film draws on Homer’s Odyssey and is set in the Sheha Mountains of West Cork against a backdrop of Ireland’s war of Independence.

The director, Maurice O’Callaghan, told Film Ireland, “Nineteen years after Maureen O’Hara launched my last international feature film, Broken Harvest, at Cork, I’m delighted to return with my latest feature, The Lord’s Burning Rain. The film is produced by my daughter Maud aged only 21 and written and directed by myself”.

The film tells the story of Donnchadh Diarmuid, a 16-year-old who sets out with his father and uncles to buy a horse. When they leave him to ride the horse home he embarks on a journey where he encounters a seductive tinker woman, a Protestant farmer and some ghostly apparitions, and takes tentative steps to adulthood.

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