50 Years of Dr. Who celebrated at the IF

Dr Who and the Daleks (13)

On the occasion of the Timelord’s 50th anniversary, the IFI presents the Doctor’s only two outings on the big screen to date on 10th November, Dr. Who and the Daleks at 4.30pm and Dalek’s Invasion of Earth 2050 A.D at 6.15pm.

The introduction of the Daleks, the Doctor’s greatest and most enduring enemy, during William Hartnell’s incarnation of the First Doctor was such a success that these films, non-canon retellings of The Daleks andThe Dalek Invasion of Earth television serials respectively, were rushed into production. To make them more palatable to an international audience, established star Peter Cushing (whose centenary is also celebrated this year) was cast as a more kindly, avuncular Doctor than Hartnell’s crotchety character.

In the first film of the double bill, Dr. Who and the Daleks, the Doctor, granddaughters Susan and Barbara, and Barbara’s boyfriend Ian arrive on Skaro, a planet desolated by an ancient nuclear war between the Daleks and the Thals. Mutated by the fallout, the Daleks seek a drug from the Thals which will protect them and enable them to exterminate their old foe.

As an additional treat for Irish Whovians, writer and filmmaker Derek O’Connor will be giving a free IFI Afternoon Talk on the Dr. Who phenomenon: Bigger on the Inside – Doctor Who at 50 will take place on 29th November at 4.30pm. An idiosyncratic and personal take on the show’s turbulent history, from its ‘60s heyday to ‘80s nadir and triumphant 21st century rebirth.


Doctor Who at 50 @ the IFI – Times and Dates

Double Bill:

Dr. Who and the Daleks 10thNovember 4.30pm

Dalek’s Invasion of Earth 2050 A.D 10thNovember 6.15pm

IFI Afternoon Talk:

Bigger on the Inside – Doctor Who at 50 19thNovember at 4.30pm


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