Irish Documentary ‘Home Turf’ To Tour US


Award-winning short documentary Home Turf is about to take off on tour, screening at a number of cities around the United States.


As part of programmes run by two separate film festivals, the tours will take Irish turf-cutting to the American masses as the film plays over 20 dates across the US.


Both Mountain Film Festival in Colorado and Rural Route Film Festival in New York State choose ‘best of’ selections and a programme of short films then travel to schools and cinemas nationwide.


The turf cutting film will play at venues as diverse as Durango, CO, Watercolor, FL and South Royalton, VT as well as more familiar venues like the Lincoln Center in New York.


“It’s amazing to think that a little film about turf-cutting resonates with audiences internationally. We tried to make the film about more that turf-cutting and touch on themes like the unexpected impacts of progress and how rural life and a certain type of manliness has been negatively changed. That really seems to have touched audiences everywhere. We’re delighted that it will be seen by so many people as part of these tours,” says co-director Ross Whitaker.


Home Turf is a fascinating visual celebration on the ancient art of cutting turf by hand in Co. Kerry, Ireland. Following a band of turf cutters from North Kerry throughout the cutting season from April to September, the film gives insight into a way of life that will soon be forgotten.


The short film produced and directed by Aideen O’Sullivan and Ross Whitaker for True Films is part of the Irish Film Board Reality Bites scheme and won awards at the Kerry Film Festival and Lessinia Film Festival in Verona, Italy.





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