Irish Indie Feature ‘Beau Diable’ in Post-production

| October 15, 2013 | Comments (0)

Post-production is in full swing for the independently produced horror film Beau Diable. The film, by industry veteran Conor Slattery was shot in June of this year in Camden Fort, Cork, Ireland and is a tense atmospheric horror film.

The script, written by Conor Slattery and Gemma McCarthy, follows a group of college students who, whilst on a boating excursion, are taken hostage by a ruthless South American criminal named ; “Beau”. Beau forces the group, at gunpoint, to take him to an island, where he wants to use both them and their boat to ; “collect a little something.” Once on the island Beau follows a map to find what he wants, which leads him, and the students, in to an underground labyrinth of tunnels. What nobody knows upon entering this complex however, is that the pitch black maze is inhabited by an evil demon presence which will make Beau look tame by comparison.

Stills from the set along with a few teaser videos can be seen on the Facebook page






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