Shooting a Feature Film on a Shoestring – Part IV


Gerard Walsh continues his production blog as he sets out to shoot a feature film with €400, 6 days, a few friends and a cast of loyal actors.

So it looks like 6 Days wasn’t enough to get the film shot. We will more than likely need another 3 for shots we missed and stuff we literally couldn’t squeeze in. But I’m totally fine with that, at the end of the day the film and how it turns out is the most important thing and the goal of a 6-day shoot just wasn’t achievable with the material and time restraints we faced.

In other news! We now have the official trailer online and in the past 7 days since it’s been released online I have received some amazing feedback and support from people I don’t even know yet but hopefully we can keep in touch and maybe work on projects in the future. So here it is:

It’s very humbling gratifying to receive such lovely messages from filmmakers like myself who have seen the trailer and had a kick up the arse and realized that what I’m doing isn’t an amazing brave thing to do in this day and age. Anyone can go out and buy a camera for less than €1000 euro and do the same thing I’m doing.

I just don’t like hearing from other filmmakers that there’s not enough money to make this or there’s no funding for indie filmmakers. Right now that shit dosnt matter! Get off your hole and be creative!

I can’t stress enough how much I don’t think I am the best filmmaker and I don’t feel like what I am doing with this film is out of the realms of possibility. I just don’t like waiting around for support when I can do it myself.

On a lighter note we have a poster for the film! After a few drafts. I have finally come to the design I wanted from the start, which you can see above. Thanks to the very talented Michal Baran.

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  1. Well YouTube isn’t very ambitious I think I’m goin to aim for bigger screens, don’t worry I’ll try get it out there so everyone can see it, if YouTube is the only way then so be it. But for now I’m aiming higher

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